Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor with Air Operated Pop up Chain Transfer
A chain driven live roller conveyor (CDLR) is a heavy duty, chain and sprocket driven live roller which is an ideal option for conveying of containers, drums, pallets or other heavy loads. Ideal for flat and round bottoms, CDLRs are versatile conveyors for heavy duty operations. Always built to your specifications, CDLRs are a go-to for conveying applications where you need durability for heavy products and construction that will last.

With optional chain transfers, you can easily move your products from one line to another with ease. CDLR's allow for a popup chain tranfer to lift above the rollers, picking up the product and then moving it to another location or conveyor. This specific kind of CDLR with chain transfers DOES NOT have locators or sensors. This is manually operated and is affordable and dependable for your needs. We build everything to order and our engineers work hard to fit your specs.

Roller Capacities for CDLR Conveyor

Roller capacity refers to the maximum load a single roller can support. There are several factors in establishing a roller's true carrying capacity and they include but not limited to the following:
  • Load configuration, stability
  • Bearing capacity
  • Bearing offset (distance from side frame to centerline of balls)
  • Axle deflection
  • Tube deflection
Roller capacities are based on tube deflection of no more than .20% of BF and axle angular deflection of no more than 1 degree at the bearings. Angular deflection of axle at the bearing is limited to .82 degree for semi-precision bearings. Since conveying surfaces are not perfectly flat, use 2/3 of the rollers under the product when calculating the required roll capacity. Common practice shows that it is not practical to use 1" diameter rollers on 1.25" centers for a 5000 lb. product (10" x 100" long), therefore, we use the following guide lines:

Roller Diameter and Axle Maximum Product Weight
1.9" Dia – 7/16" Hex 2000 lbs.
2.5" Dia – 11/16" Hex 4000 lbs.
3.5" Dia – 1-1/16" Hex 8000 lbs.
3.5" Dia – 1-7/16" Hex 15,000 lbs.
4" Dia – 1-7/16" Round 20,000 lbs.
5 Dia – 1-11/16 Round 40,000 lbs.

It is critical that shock loading is addressed as a separate issue; our experienced application engineers can guide you though this process. All above capacities and guidelines assume zero shock loads. Capacities are applicable for single or dual lane applications only.


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