Gravity Conveyor


The most economical and simplest of all conveyors, the gravity roller conveyor move loads down the line without any use of power sources which is ideal for shorter distances.

A gravity conveyor


Gravity conveyors are a very versatile and cost effective way of handling many material handling needs in almost every industry. We offer many material options including Stainless Steel and Galvanized frames, rollers and axles. Gravity conveyors can accommodate short term solutions as well as long term rigid options. Everything is custom built to your needs. Gravity conveyors do not need to rely on electricity or any other form of power. The rollers will spin freely, allowing for the product to be pulled down by gravity.

  1. Easy installation

  2. High handling capacity

  3. Cost effective

A gravity conveyor


Gravity roller conveyors are often time used in warehouses at the end of a line. Products can be easily pushed and accumulated at the end to then be processed.

  1. Accumulation

  2. Shipping, receiving

  3. Picking areas

A gravity conveyor